About Us

Our Story at a Glance.

The Equator is a vast ocean of amazing stories that most of us (including you and I) want to tell but never got any platform to pen it down. The Equator is openly biased to one goal: the well-being of all. We know no boundaries of states, countries, or continents. The universe is home to our ideas, a canvas to our artists, and a notepad to our writers.

The ever-growing team of our writers is nothing less than a collective of amazing storytellers, fresh and appealing writers, proactive reporters, technocrats, experts from various sectors, specialists who are always eager to share their expertise through words. We all intend to bring the most critical of news, best of information, and stories to our valuable readers from all parts of the world. Our team will continue to grow as long as The Equator exists.


The Equator is an ambition to transform all that is unsaid into a global voice that is founded, funded, and promoted by the true compassion of two Engineers: 

Pranav Nakat

  • Founder | Editor

Prabhat Khedgarkar

  • Founder | Editor