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Are you happy?

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”

 -Astronomer Carl Sagan

Does this quote ring up your mind? Well , it was musing for me! The world constitutes so many people who are jostling around , trying to find their true calling, to explore themselves, and to know where they actually belong! Basically, searching for what satiates their soul completely! Sometimes, in life we are so caught up in doing things the right way , that we often forget about doing them… the happy way. It doesn’t really matter if doing things the right way drives us into a screwball! But I think it’s irrational! You have all the right to happiness, after all it’s tax free! (Poor pun though) . But deep down we all know, that the world is so toxic and delirious and by not exploring what’s actually calming for us, we are deteriorating it! When we aren’t happy , we can never expect others around us to be the same! As a result, we envy them!

We often struggle around to create an example for others in the society, to compete with our peers or to inspire our children! But, in the midst of all this we tend to lose ourselves! We begin to lose our identity…. and by the time you have gained all the monetary power , you lose all the emotional strength you had, because you lost yourself on the way!

When I read this quote, I felt bemused! But then, I realised that the world is enormous, and its problems …. ugh! Even more! Did it ever occur to you, that why are you distressed? Nope ! I guess we are so busy solving the equation of life that we often forget that you can always multiply it by zero by just exploring what makes you feel good about yourself!

Well, I know that the world around us runs on the fuel of money. But you know what , even the richest person isn’t actually one, when he is not happy! His thoughts, his vibes rather than enriching him and others around him , tend to disturb them. I mean, what’s the use of it… then?Go out there! Explore! Not everything you do has to have a monetary worth, somethings can just be “YOUR THING” , the one memory , you are going to treasure for a lifetime. The one thing that’ll always make you smile, even if you are going through hell! Just Love Yourself, because you are one of a kind! Do what makes you feel good about yourself and never restrict yourself to the barricades of the society!

Bhavya Kalra
Bhavya Kalra
A young storyteller trying to spread happy vibes loves to explore new things and writing down her thoughts and opinions. Bhavya is a little Hummingbird ready to fly high in the sky of Independent Journalism!
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