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Prabhat Khedgarkar

FOUNDER and EDITOR of The Equator Media Network, Prabhat is a compassionate Himalayan living a million lives with a simple and clear understanding of life itself. A soul that is full of adventure and a spirit of a traveller. Trekking, photography, and celebrating life has always been his area of interest.

Employment Insights: 19-25 September

Government Jobs are considered to be the most secure career options. Millions of aspirants are living with the ambition of getting one...

KITS Ramtek: Glory, Decline and Rebirth of P.V. Narsimha Rao’s Dream

There are hundreds of engineering colleges in India that have given shape to countless minds till the time and will continue to...

Success Story of One of the Youngest Entrepreneur From Jammu & Kashmir

Unemployment in Jammu and Kashmir is a manufactured reality as the sole by-product of incapacitated regional policymaking. Authorities made state government lucrative...

Dushyant Sharma: Inspiring Story of one of ‘The Best Trek Leaders’ in India

There is no one to tell the stories of the Mountains better than The Best Trek Leader from the Best Trek Managers. This is the story of Trek Leader Dushyant Sharma who has been an inspiration to many. A conversation with a corporate turned Himalayan, an exchange of ideas with a man so fit and energetic!

Let’s Support Wikipedia: Step-by-Step Guide

Wikipedia has been helping us(student especially) for everything we need to know. It's time for us to support Wikipedia.

What actually led to the recent custodial deaths in Tamil Nadu?

Recently, a father and his son suspiciously died in Sathankulam town in Tamil Nadu in the police custody. Since then, rage has been sparked in the country especially in the state of Tamil Nadu by the traders association. These custodial deaths have been one of the cruellest incidents in history.

Lakshadweep: a pocket-friendly alternative to the Maldives

If you want to have an experience as beautiful as that of Maldives but with asmaller budget, then Lakshadweep is the right choice for you.

Massive breakthrough in Processor technology is on its way

TSMC has planned to spark the next revolution in the silicon chip industry with its 2nm process development in the pipeline.

A truth considered Taboo: Death Book review

Launched in February 2020, Sadhguru's new title 'Death: an Inside Story' became #1 on neilsen in less than a week and proved to be a book for all those who shall die.

Road trip on an EV?

Even though the EV's are going to be the future vehicles, how far is that from today cannot be said concretely.

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The learners similarly don’t have to become terrified of working debt since their loans maybe repaid more than 20 years as a tiny mounted...

An instruction coordinator may have real experience teaching classes so as to bring some realistic understanding of instruction into the table. Education coordinators are...