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Text Neck can be Harmful if you are a Smartphone User

Nowadays, many things can be done on smartphones such as paying bills, mobile recharge, shopping. This era of 4G network and online...

3 Eye Health Tips for Students and Corporates

We are all going to be spending more time in front of computer screens looking at lectures or looking at a tablet or doing some sort of homework or studying on a digital device or working from

Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis: Are you aware of it?

When we talk about mental illness, some of the main diseases that we know about is bipolar disorder, anxiety and schizophrenia. One of the major reasons for their early detection is the patientʼs exposure to seizures and panic attacks! Today I am going to make you aware of common mental illness with much less awareness: Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis.

Too much sitting- Dangerous?

How do you feel after sitting for that long time? Do you feel as energetic as when you start working in the morning? The answer is mostly NO.

Is running on concrete bad?

Running is one of the best and healthy exercises, it provides less stress on the body if we compare it with other exercises. Then why running injuries are so common and frustrating? Is it the surface on which we are running? or the form of running? Let’s see what happens when you run on a co

Obesity in Corona Pandemic

Obesity is a real risk that increases deaths due to Corona virus. The obesity in Covid-19 cases can be fatal, has been established in recent research on Corona virus undertaken around the world.

Why developed nations like the U.S. failed to contain the spread of COVID-19?

According to WHO report the number of recorded COVID-19 cases in the US reached over 1.5 million with more than 90,000 of deaths which counted as highest in the world

Sea Buckthorn: A Himalayan Fruit that will Save your Life

Sea buckthorn thrives in the harsh conditions and high altitudes of the Himalayas. Sea buckthorn is a very beautiful, golden and orange berry

Spanish flu to COVID-19: India’s journey

All rivers across India were clogged up with dead bodies because of the shortage of firewood for cremations. The Spanish flu wiped out nearly 14 to 17 million people which accounted for nearly 5% of India's population. 

“The Big Bang-Pang”- Menstrual Pain

Well, people would be wondering what this big Bang-Pang is all about and I'm here to tell you that it's not what you are thinking. Pang means pain and the big pain which every woman suffers every month is something that bursts her. Hence, it's a big Bang-Pang.

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