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Struggles of the LGBT Community in India

According to a report submitted to the SC of India in 2012, there are about 2.5 million LGBTQ+ people in India; the number can be much higher owing to the fact that many people remain closeted from of being ostracized by their family. Saddening that this familial affection is subject to terms and conditions.

Text Neck can be Harmful if you are a Smartphone User

Nowadays, many things can be done on smartphones such as paying bills, mobile recharge, shopping. This era of 4G network and online...

You might Save Someone’s Life.

Depression is not just a bout of sadness; it is a very real clinical condition. As real as like conditions of heart, lungs, kidney, etc. Clinical Depression is defined as a mental health disorder

Body Positivity and Body Neutrality.

The origin of body positivity can be traced back to the fat acceptance movement from the 1960s. The aim of body positivity is to love your body.

Fashion Industry & Sustainability

The true objective of sustainable fashion is “BUY LESS & USE LONGER” and “ECO-FRIENDLY LIVING”.

What Depression Looks like?

You must be thinking what depression looks like? A lot of people search for the depression face. Humans may not be able to exactly mimic the face of depression, but there is one creature who can.

The Ultimate Quarantine Soldiers

Doctors, health workers, security forces, Govt officials, armed forces all are working for you day night in this tough time. But there is one more brigade that deserves your attention. Let's discover.

Warrior’s Secret

In this pandemic situation where many are in war mode and some having quality time with their family, are all connected with this one string of COVID-19. And there come some great warriors who fought like legends against the COVID-19 and SPANISH-FLU outbreak in 1918. Therefore, on calculating their age which comes around above 100 what we conclude is “hats off to their immunity”. They definitely have a hell of an immunity.

Nerd Effect

What is NERD effect? Nerd meaning a boringly studious person. But nerd effect is not boring at all. The...

Planning to own a Jet?

Well your journey would surely be a luxurious experience! But how much it costs to own a private jet?

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