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Struggles of the LGBT Community in India

According to a report submitted to the SC of India in 2012, there are about 2.5 million LGBTQ+ people in India; the number can be much higher owing to the fact that many people remain closeted from of being ostracized by their family. Saddening that this familial affection is subject to terms and conditions.

Charitism: A Startup that Feeds Thousands of Humans and Animals

Ongoing pandemic has been brutal on people with barely any privileges. Not just humans but animals are also hit bad. This is...

Professional Protestors and the Chaos of United States

While the calls of President Donald Trump to arrest seemingly peaceful protesters and enact draconian laws for burning flags and desecration of monuments, with punishments of up to 10 years in prison, should be concerning to anyone who values free speech and the right to peaceably assemble, is there any validity to his claims of an organized terrorist cell infiltrating the protests? The answer is surprisingly yes.

Sanskrit: Interesting Facts and Recent Developments

Everyone is aware of the fact that Sanskrit is one of the most ancient in the world. We all are aware of if it's capabilities and completeness. But apart from these, there are certain interesting facts and recent developments about this language that every Indian should be aware of. Feel proud while reading and sharing this further!

Mob Attacks in India are a Serious Threat

Protesters set around two dozens of cars on fire and surrounded Congress MLA's house in Bengaluru, over an offensive Facebook post. Three...

Why is suicide becoming a serious problem in India?

In today’s time, we always see suicide cases especially committed by youngsters. According to WHO, almost 800,000 people commit suicide in a year. This means, one suicide every forty seconds! Maximum people are in the age span of 25-29 years. It is very difficult to see youngsters committing suicide. Suicide becoming a serious problem in India is a major problem for the world itself.

Coronavirus Vaccine countdown begins!

The coronavirus crisis has trapped more than 700 million people in more than 200 countries around the world and the graph is...

First Global Emergency: a Bolt from the Blue

There have been many questions regarding when the first global emergency was declared. In this article, I have put together the most interesting facts about the first global emergency. The case studies and detailed analysis have been put together for easy understanding.

Why Assam Floods every year?

In history, we have the knowledge that people of Assam used to celebrate the first flooding of the year. Bramhaputra and its...

Can India become ‘WORLD’S FACTORY’?

The world is still fighting the Wuhan virus, which leads to Pandemic. It forced many countries to enforce Lockdown. Citizen's health and...

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