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Mountain Streams Emit Carbon Dioxide

Scientists have reported the findings of the study of the carbon dioxide emissions from mountain streams, and their role in global...

Will the Upcoming Solar Storm cause a Total Blackout?

Space weather experts have a wild forecast for this week. A solar storm could hit the Earth this week and may disrupt satellite communications, Electric generation systems, power grids, and radio signals.

Perseverance Rover will soon produce Oxygen on Mars, Confirms NASA

On 30th July 2020, NASA launched Perseverance, the most advanced Mars rover of all time to seek the sign of ancient life on the Red planet and to collect the soil sample on its possible return to earth. Perseverance is carrying seven instruments to conduct unique scientific tests on Mars.

What are habitable exoplanets? Explore the Ocean Rich Exoplanets

Extraterrestrial life on habitable exoplanets has always fascinated Man. The vastness of the macrocosm does not let one believe that one is...

Massive breakthrough in Processor technology is on its way

TSMC has planned to spark the next revolution in the silicon chip industry with its 2nm process development in the pipeline.

Road trip on an EV?

Even though the EV's are going to be the future vehicles, how far is that from today cannot be said concretely.

The Science behind Lakes turning Pink

We might have seen the spectacular picturesque views of Pink lakes. Lake Hillier, Lake Retba, Hutt Lagoon, Maharlu lake are few of...

MYTH busted about “Parallel” Universe.

Recently, your "Internet" news feed might be flooded with the news like "NASA Scientists have found a parallel universe right next to...

Xenobots: The living Robots

The red, cloudy thing you see above is a pile of some skin and heart cells from an African frog. Don't mistake the "pile" as dead. It's a well capable organism on its own. It can walk, swim, push pellets, carry payloads, and work together inside our bodies. Let's see what are the Xenobots.

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