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Charitism: A Startup that Feeds Thousands of Humans and Animals

Ongoing pandemic has been brutal on people with barely any privileges. Not just humans but animals are also hit bad. This is when a brilliant idea to feed the hungry brought up by Charitism back in 2018, came forward as a lifesaver. Charitism is a unique platform in India which is transforming the way people donate to charities, where 100% transparency and accountability is taken care of.

Sudhanshu Sharma, Founder of Charitism, shared his motivation with The Equator behind this startup backed by India Accelerator, Bhamashah Technohub, and Startup India.

Sudhanshu Sharma
Sudhanshu Sharma, Founder, Charitism

When did you start Charitism?

Charitism was started in 2018 when I was in college with a plan to support the local NGO with the help of fellow college students.

What was the origin of the idea of this organization?

While I was working on it, I realized that many people were not interested in helping out charities since the name ‘NGO’ has cached the reputation of fraud due to earlier instances. This enticed my research and I found that the major reason that the stigma persisted was lack of transparency. (As supported in the following survey: Source*As Per CAF World Index 2017:Over a third (37%), across all age groups, said no to donations because they were unsure of how the charity uses their donations and 32% said they would donate more if there was more transparency.)

Dog Food Plate

From where you started, how people connect with you?

After a lot of research and halt of 8 months, I restarted in 2020 with a WhatsApp status, saying “Sponsor a food packet at Rs 35/-, I will distribute it on your behalf and send you the pictures“. After seeing the message, some of my friends contributed to the initiative. I conducted the distribution drive and sent them the pictures as promised. Later, they invited their friends to contribute and so on. Since then the chain has grown to 20,000 people supporting the initiative.

Did you face problems reaching people and convincing them to donate?

Yes, few sponsors initially didn’t support the taking of the pictures with needy. But we reassured them to maintain the dignity of donation while taking photographs.

What’s the strength of people in your organization?

We are a team of 12 people now. Each teammate understands the importance of the work we are doing, the significance of transparency and its results.

How many animals and needy people you have fed till date?

We have feed 1 Lac+ people with food packets, 3000+ dogs and helped 2000+ families with ration kits.


Is it a registered organization?

Yes, Charitism is a social enterprise registered as Alms Ecommerce Pvt Ltd, Also soon we are starting our Non-Profit wing.

What percentage of donated amount is used in the functioning of CHARITISM? What percentage is actually donated?

We do not plan to charge a preset % out of the contribution. Instead, since we work on a product distribution model where we take a margin from the vendor as a discount on the bulk purchase.

Is it just a group of willing volunteers or the people are even paid?

We believe in providing top of the market salaries to our team so that we can bring in the best talent and the serve the community with best solutions.

To which states is it limited to, and by what date/year you estimate it to be nation-wide?

Currently, we have been working in Rajasthan and Tamilnadu. We look forward to expanding nationwide in next 1 year as our popularity is growing with each passing day.

To contribute to the well-being of the needy, visit Charitism. Make a donation and receive ample of satisfaction as a cashback.

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Sonalika Singh
Sonalika Singh
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