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Missing pieces of 2021 F1 driver line-up puzzle

Mercedes will be cautious, Vettel pairing with Hamilton might result in a headache as Mercedes had in 2016 season with Hamilton and Rosberg.

Vettel’s decision of not extending his contract with Ferrari beyond 2020 season heated the transfer market and soon many rumours and speculation started floating. But soon the dust settled, Australian Honey badger Daniel Ricciardo signed a two year deal with Maclaren. Maclaren showed great promise of improvement in 2019 season and they topped the midfield team’s battle and took 4th place in Constructors Championship with 145 points and one podium coming at Interlagos (Brazilian GP) thanks to Sainz efforts finishing 3rd after starting last from the grid.


Maclaren’s driver line-up is settled, with Riccardo and Lando Norris. Charles Leclerc had an outstanding 2019 season with Ferrari, on his debut season with the Prancing horses. He outperformed his four time world champion teammate Sebastien Vettel, he was fourth in driver’s championship with 264 points, 24 points more than his teammate. Leclerc’s win at Italian GP will remain one of his greatest victory. It was a display of his never die attitude. Mercedes tried every trick up in their sleeve. Ferrari’s victory at its home GP was the highlight of Ferrari’s 2019 season.

With Riccardo’s exit, sit at Renault is empty and they have many options to look at. They can promote one of their development diver or they can try to sign free agent, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Hulkenberg or do they have some others plans only time will tell.2019 constructors championships winner Mercedes are yet not clear about their future plans as both, Hamilton and Bottas are yet to extend their contract. With Vettel as free agent for 2021, and moving to Mercedes will be a forward option for Vettel. But Mercedes will be cautious, Vettel paring with Hamilton might result into headache like Mercedes had in 2016 season with Hamilton and Rosberg and Rosberg finally retiring after 2016 season. It was an one hell of battle where both the driver gave their everything for the victory and championship was decided at the season finale ABU DHABI GP.George Russell is young prospect and Mercedes prodigy. He too can be an option for Mercedes’ future for 2021 and beyond. 2020 season is currently at halt, due to Corona outbreak and effort are been made to start the season as soon as possible. There is plenty more drama to unfold.

Krishna Shahi
Krishna Shahi
Our CHIEF WRITER, Krishna is a Sports Enthusiast with a keen interest in Formula 1. He specializes in current affairs and social issues.
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