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I see you, I feel you…

They put on a strong and happy face just to make sure their families don’t worry about them. They endure hardships without whining and cribbing.

This is especially for that sailor who couldn’t be home for the birth of his child, for that sailor who missed his wedding day and had to postpone it, for that sailor who didn’t see his loved one, one last time, to that sailor who feels homesick.

I am writing this today because I know one such sailor. Men generally don’t express their emotions and feelings and are supposed to be strong. Being vulnerable needs strength too. When such men work in the sea we often think of and talk about how we miss them not being home not taking their feelings into consideration. These guys work under stress day and night away from their families missing out on so many things. They put on a strong and happy face just to make sure their families don’t worry about them. They endure hardships without whining and cribbing. They grin and bear through all the health issues they face and never speak a word about it. These men make sure their loved ones feel their presence even when they are miles away. They power through obstacles like warriors and come out the other side with a smile. To the sailor who wanted to hold his child for the very first time, your child is blessed to have a hardworking and selfless father like you. To the sailor who missed his wedding date let me tell you this your bride will be proud to have a husband like you who works for everyone and not just for himself.To the sailor who missed to get a glimpse of his loved one, one last time… The person is looking down at you and smiling because you make them proud.To the sailor who is feeling homesick.Whenever it’s time to come home let’s celebrate like it’s Christmas and enjoy every moment together as a family. Without you, Christmas doesn’t feel Christmasy at all! You are selfless workers and we respect everything that you do and you are seen, cherished and loved wherever you are. The house doesn’t feel like home without you.


A sailor’s girl.

Varada VS
Varada VS
A storyteller and a free soul.
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