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Let’s Support Wikipedia: Step-by-Step Guide

Recently, Wikipedia is requesting readers from India a little amount of INR 150 for the development of the open-source, non-profit organization. The heartwarming note from Wikipedia is melting down the internet. Ever since we started using mobile phones and laptop with the evolution of the internet, Wikipedia has been helping us(student especially) for everything we need to know. It’s time for us to support Wikipedia.

It does not matter whether you were a Medical student or an Engineering student, a law student or any other. We all have surely used Wikipedia for so many times, in fact, most of the Wikipedia users browse Wikipedia pages a thousand times a year. People who are not much familiar with the internet, even they used Wikipedia quite often to quench their thirst of knowledge. It does not matter what you type in the search you will always find an answer that is available on Wikipedia.

Along with the internet, Wikipedia has also evolved to great extent. The very precise citing, crisp information and the ease with which anyone can contribute to this platform have made Wikipedia the most successful Encyclopaedia of information.

Has Wikipedia gone Bankrupt?

Most of us might be thinking that Wikipedia earns billions of dollars from its website since it has everything and there are countless visitors on the website. But it should be noted that Wiki is a non-profit organisation it does not make from its website visitors. The development on this platform totally depends on the donations received from Angel donors find the information provided on which useful and hence gratitude towards the contributors to the information as well as a platform i.e. Wikipedia.

But as per the statistics given by Wikipedia, it was found that hardly 2% of Indian readers donate a minimal amount. Rest of the readers enjoy the information for free of cost.

Wikipedia does not run any advertisement on the site. Hence it does not earn a single penny from the traffic that comes to the website. in this situation, it becomes very tough to raise funds. You must be thinking somebody else will donate and the purpose will be served. But if everybody will think like this, Wikipedia will definitely have to pull the shutters down.

As far as I believe, nobody from India wants this to happen. We all depend a lot on Wikipedia. Nobody is an expert in absolutely everything except few. If you have a genius friend and he knows everything then you will also call him a Wikipedia. When there is so much love and demand for Wikipedia, we all need to save it.

How to Donate to Wikipedia?

It is not a big task. All you have to do is this.

  • Visit Wikipedia
  • On the home page itself, you will find a message requesting for donations (on every Wednesday).
  • Select any amount of your choice or you can enter the amount manually.
  • PAN number is mandatory.
  • Mail address, Physical Address is mandatory.

Payment Methods:

You can complete the payment using following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Rupay card
  • Netbanking
  • You can also pay using UPI and Paytm.
donate to Wikipedia
Step 1: Choose any of the available payment methods.
donate to Wikipedia
Step 2: Enter your details and scroll down to proceed further.
donate to Wikipedia
Step 3: Here I chose UPI, enter your UPI ID and pay using APP.

So it will hardly take 2 minutes to complete this task. But it will surely have a bigger impact. If we wish to keep getting information without any break, then we should make our contribution.  

Prabhat Khedgarkar
Prabhat Khedgarkar
Founder and Editor of The Equator Media Network, Prabhat is a compassionate Himalayan with a simple and clear understanding of life. A soul that is full of adventure and a spirit of a traveller. Trekking, photography, and celebrating life has always been his area of interest.
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