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Lights out! And we go racing!!!

The 2020 F1 season was due to begin on March 15, but the COVID19 pandemic within no time took over the world since then 10 races have been cancelled or postponed. The iconic street track of Monaco one of the cancelled Grand Prix but the chequered flag might drop on July 5th. Redbull Ring in Spielberg is set to host the season’s opener race.

There has been no official announcement yet. But the Government has given the green light. Austria’s Health Minister Rudolf Anschober added: “The concept calls for strict hygienic measures as well as regular tests and health checks for the teams and their employees.” It will be a doubleheader as the second race will take place on 12th July to make up for the canceled races. The scenes at the Red Bull Ring will be completely different as the race is set to take place without fans, The sea of orange will be missed this time around. Silver stone could be the next stop in the f1 2020 calendar, but the plans are yet to be approved by the government. F1 plans for races at Barcelona, Spa & Monza from the end of August to the start of September. FIA is very optimistic about its plans to have 15 to 18 races instead of 22 scheduled races for 2020 season. Baku and Sochi later on and it does planning to end the 2020 season at Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.

It’s a race against time for everyone associated with the sports, with each passing day things are getting much harder. Only a couple of days ago Williams confirmed ROKit will no longer be their main sponsors. A statement from the company which owns the team said that “a potential sale of the whole company” was under consideration. Many midfield teams are facing the scare of economic loss if more races are canceled. As a measure of safety, FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) announced that teams will only be allowed to bring 80 people to each closed race. The driver’s transfer market has already seen plenty of drams, we hope to see the same on the race track as many of the drivers will be racing for the last time with their respective teams.

Krishna Shahi
Krishna Shahi
Our CHIEF WRITER, Krishna is a Sports Enthusiast with a keen interest in Formula 1. He specializes in current affairs and social issues.
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