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Mob Attacks in India are a Serious Threat

Protesters set around two dozens of cars on fire and surrounded Congress MLA’s house in Bengaluru, over an offensive Facebook post. Three people killed in police firing and 60 policemen were injured after the violence broke out. Police faced a  heavy stone pelting from the mob and as a result, a large number of policemen were injured, there was Collateral damage to the properties as well.

Now the Karnataka Government has decided to come hard on the rioters and will recover the losses from the rioters. Similar recovery model was used previously by Uttar Pradesh government.

Why mob attacks or mob lynchings are a serious threat?

  • A mob is a group of a disorderly or riotous crowd of people. Who at times use violence as a means to serve justice. But this act of mob does not serve its purpose but in turn, makes itself the culprit.  Setting up the streets on fire for every reason is Terrorism.
  • The Majority of mob attacks are due to communal reasons. Which poses a serious challenge to the secular harmony of our country.
  • Many at times the mob attacks are pre-planned, mob attacks are also used to gain political advantage at times. The mob becomes the mere puppets of politicians.
  • It’s true that Justice delayed is Justice denied but it is also true that Justice hurried is also Justice Buried. A mob has no right to take law in their own hand.

Why Mob attacks are on the rise?

  • National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) has refused to define mob-lynching as a separate category of crime due to a lack of reliable data and the potential for misinterpretation of definition.
  • Nowadays fake news spread like wildfire, thanks to social media. Fake News is becoming a  major reason for the growing number of mob cases. Mass of people can be gathered within a short span of time.
  • Mobs largely comprised illiterate or poorly educated men that were unemployed or working as day laborers and under the influence of alcohol at the time of the attack.
  • Children are becoming the face of mob nowadays, Due to the fear of the police, action children are made to stand on the front line to protect themselves. Women have also been used as shields many times.

The Mob attacks and lynching are on the rise. Hate speech, Cow vigilantism, False news, Religious lynching are few of the factors causing the mob attack. The Constitution of India intended for India to be a country governed by the Rule of law. The concept of Rule of Law is that the state is governed, not by the ruler or the nominated representatives of the people but by the law. The problem Police machinery face with mob attack is that to anticipate the number to people gathering is difficult and many at times police personnel are outnumbered by the mob and police themselves become the victims at the hand of a mob or a silent spectator. The Rule of Law is completely shattered.

India is the land of Gandhi and Buddha who preached Peace and Nonviolence to the world, but today their own country is facing the crisis. The Supreme Court had condemned the increasing number of incidents of mob lynchings across the country as “horrendous acts of mobocracy”. The court even then asked Parliament to make lynching a separate offense. Since then many state have come up with their own set of laws to tackle the mob issue, yet the issue is far from over.

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Krishna Shahi
Krishna Shahi
Our CHIEF WRITER, Krishna is a Sports Enthusiast with a keen interest in Formula 1. He specializes in current affairs and social issues.
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