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Success Story of One of the Youngest Entrepreneur From Jammu & Kashmir

Unemployment in Jammu and Kashmir is a manufactured reality as the sole by-product of incapacitated regional policymaking. Authorities made state government lucrative and hired more people than it requires. In overall interventions in economic life, it encouraged abuse of local resources and encouraged consumerism to the extent that J&K is a net purchaser of items worth almost INR 60,000 crores a year —an order half of which can be managed within the state.

There are 2,50,000 educated young women and men in Jammu and Kashmir who are bearing the brunt of the lack of employment and struggle to find jobs due to the lack of a job policy — thus pushing them and their families’ backs to the wall. In Jammu and Kashmir, already facing turmoil over the decades, unemployment has become a serious concern and the percentage of unemployed youth is increasing with the poor absorption rate.

Jobs have long been considered a crucial aspect in mainstreaming youth in the region, perhaps more vulnerable to pro-militancy propaganda in the changed circumstances. In between these crises, young 18-year-old student, Azhar Nabi Batt hailing from a Remote Village Dali of District Doda, Jammu and Kashmir have different Ideas. Currently studying at Marmara University, Istanbul works as an Author, Software developer, a blogger and web designer, His interest and drudgery ameliorates him and harvests his experience. He works with world-famous personalities, organisations, Businessmen who work for grooming the young talents.

It’s true: age ain’t nothing but a number. Azhar Nabi Batt, youngest entrepreneur of Jammu and Kashmir has already made his Mark. Till now he has written a research book named “Education – The Reality” & has developed “an instant messaging application “Boo messenger “ Which is also available on Google’s official App Store. His intelligence and smart work have already earned him one of the most competitive international scholarship program “Turkey Government Scholarship” to continue his higher education in Turkey. An eminent portion of his online business expedites merchandising, bettering online appearance and widening the business online.

Azhar hasn’t joined any specific institute to learn these tricks & Internet knowledge but has made the use of Google to learn all the skills through online courses. Even he has completed an 8-month long course of Ethical Hacking and few other courses regarding his field of interest.

Azhar’s intrest developed on the internet when he was just 12 years old. He says “Computer is my only crush“. After learning these all things then he started developing the app.

He has been working for 2 years and brings a helfty sum of 200-300 USD per month, his gains often sometimes touche 500 USDs. He preaches

“If you dream big, work hard, stay positive and optimistic, you will achieve “impossible” things”.

Apart from being an expert on the Internet, it’s worth to mention that Azhar has already Memorised the whole Quran & is holding the Islamic Degree of “Hafiz e Quran “ which is itself a great achievement. Religious Education hasn’t made any negative impact on his modern education.

“Our Education system has been divided into Religious and Modern Sciences. But for me it’s like a Living Being which is based of two components ‘The Soul’ and ‘The Body’. Religious Studies cures your soul and the Modern Sciences covers your physical body. Keep them both together it will rock.” Said Azhar.

Azhar doesn’t want to see his fellow men begging for government job but advice them to believe in themselves. He wants to see the young generation to make use of modern technology & work smartly.

“It is important to follow the procedures of our education system as it is but its more important to recognize that one hidden talent of yours which is ready to make you lead. They will laugh, they laughed on me, on everyone. They will suggest you but the way you think your product should be is called The Door of Success. Keep it real, Make it positive and Be Proud” Azhar added. The 18 year old by far is building the difference and aims at creating his own Internet Business empire.

Azhar doesn’t want to stop & relax. He has already started Yazu Digitals, aimed to provide all the digital service at one platform with reasonable cost & is currently working on EDUBOO which is a school Management Application Where a whole school/Institute data will be online and accessible to All students, teachers and management.

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Prabhat Khedgarkar
Prabhat Khedgarkar
Founder and Editor of The Equator Media Network, Prabhat is a compassionate Himalayan with a simple and clear understanding of life. A soul that is full of adventure and a spirit of a traveller. Trekking, photography, and celebrating life has always been his area of interest.
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