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Why is suicide becoming a serious problem in India?

In today’s time, we always see suicide cases especially committed by youngsters. According to WHO, almost 800,000 people commit suicide in a year. This means, one suicide every forty seconds! Maximum people are in the age span of 25-29 years.  It is very difficult to see youngsters committing suicide. Suicide becoming a serious problem in India is a major problem for the world itself.

It is a problem that is increasing constantly in low-income countries especially in India. 135,000 people in India ( a nation with 17.5% of the world population) commit suicide.

India is contributing to suicide as much in population.

Between 1987 and 2007, the suicide rate increased from 7.9 to 10.3 per 100,000. There may be many reasons for this emotional weakness. I want to focus on the main reasons for this.


Why we say this because parents are the first teacher of a child and what a child learns in his childhood, he never forgets. In India, there is a mentality of parents that they never teach their children how to fight in a tough time. Like we have seen on twitter, many celebrities were posting the percentage of their children and captioned that we are proud of you. It is the main root of the whole problem when children hear this line they always think that parents will always proud of them when they will be successful or it would be a shame for them when they will fail even parents don’t think so but they don’t consult about this with their children.

parent child
Parents need to understand this before its too late.

While parents and even teachers in school should say to their children just work hard, it doesn’t matter you pass or fail.

Seriousness for Mental Health.

The second reason it is very normal to see every person going in a depression around us but it is very rare to see someone treat the depression. In India, if someone tells that he has issues related to mind someone may laugh or someone can say you have not slept well. Even sometimes a person in depression doesn’t know that he is in depression.

mental health
They need us in their tough time, we have to be there.

We all know that depression is the first step of a suicidal tendency. It should be taken seriously.

Every time we cannot make another person responsible for suicide. We are more responsible more than others for our problems. Like smoking, addiction to drinking, we never think about what is needed by our body. Laziness, not getting up at the time, no exercise, work overloading instead of exercise, yoga, meditation, healthy food.

Getting successful is not the key to happiness. Happiness is being satisfied with your life. It does not mean that one should not be ambitious but if your dreams are not getting true whether it’s for a life partner, job, or any other reason you should be satisfied with what you have. Suicide is becoming a serious problem in India and this needs to be stopped.

Suggested: You might save someone’s life.

Aditya Johri
Aditya Johri
An Engineer and a Thinker. Aditya is a problem analyst with a sharp intellect.
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