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Text Neck can be Harmful if you are a Smartphone User

Nowadays, many things can be done on smartphones such as paying bills, mobile recharge, shopping. This era of 4G network and online games has also increased the use of mobiles, tablets tremendously. Thus due to continuous use of these smartphones, a new medical problem has generated at a very young age i.e. pain in the neck which is also termed as Text Neck.

Though this problem is been discussed at many platforms like news, social media, this problem has not been recognized that seriously.

What causes Text neck?

Bending our neck with haunching it for a longer time while using our mobiles is the main cause of Text Pain. Though bending neck for too long for any other purpose is not new to us as we have done it for centuries while cooking, sewing, drawing, writing and for many other activities. Also at present, smartphones have become an integral part of our life or we can also call it a necessity for living. From a survey, it is found that on an average a person spends 3 hours and 15 min on mobile daily. During using mobile our bad posture i.e. bending our neck down or twisting it over is the main cause for Text Neck.

Due to gravity, bad posture can increase your head pressure up to 172 KiloPascal (kPa) on our neck muscles as compared to when it is in a neutral position. And the bitter part is it can also increase it up to 380 kPa depending on the angle of bend to the neutral position. This extra strain on our neck causes text neck at an early age.

Consequences of Text Neck

  • Twisting our neck for a longer time will cause our muscles to inflamed and leads to severe pain.
  • It can also lead to a continuous headache. 
  • It will also cause upper back pain and can lead to cramps.
  • Most importantly text neck may lead to Arthritis at an early age.

How to prevent Next Neck?

1. Neck Exercise

Whenever you get free time you can go for various neck exercise like stretching your neck from right to left and then back to right slowly. Also, look at your right shoulder for 15 seconds then turn your head slowly toward your left shoulder and give it another 15 seconds.

2. Eye Level

Hold your smartphone, tablet and books while using them at height of your eye level which will directly reduce the strain that caused due to bad posture.

We all do know the importance of the spine. While doing anything, keeping your spine straight is the best way to reduce back pain and increase your energy level. So try to have as much straight spine as possible to avoid such terms in one’s life.

3. Break

It does not matter how important work you are doing ( generally we all know for what useless purpose do we use it) you can always call a break for at least 5 to 10 minutes after every hour or two.

It may happen that your reply to your beloved one will certainly get late but genuinely, I do think that your healthy life is more important than your fantasies.

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Toshal Selokar
Toshal Selokar
A Champ hailing from the City of Lord Ram, Ramtek. Toshal is an ex-Navodian with a sharp aptitude and Understanding of Technical Affairs.
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